At Spirit, we believe that doing the right thing for all of our stakeholders – including our employees, our community, and our tenants – will drive long term value for our shareholders.

By implementing sound corporate governance, environmental, and social practices throughout the operation of our business, we demonstrate our solid commitment to be responsible and conscientious in everything that we do as we strive to both increase shareholder returns and make the communities in which we operate a better place to live and work. We aim to be socially responsible investors by making investment decisions that consider not only financial factors but also the social and environmental impact of our tenants and properties.


2,684 Pounds of Carbon Footprint Reduced

56 Trees Saved

1,256 Pounds of Recycled Goods

28 Organizations Donated To


Spirit is dedicated to conducting its business consistent with the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance practices.

We have an obligation to our employees, shareholders, tenants, community representatives, and other business contacts to be honest, fair and forthright in all of our business activities. As such, we are committed to implementing and maintaining good corporate governance practices that promote transparency, alignment, accountability and value to our shareholders.

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Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.

Spirit recognizes that the ownership of commercial real estate can have a significant impact on the environment. As a result, Spirit is committed to implementing environmentally sustainable practices at our headquarters and considering environmental factors and risks in our investment decisions. 

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Social Responsibility

Spirit is devoted to ensuring the well-being and development of our employees and bettering our communities through service and outreach.

At Spirit, we are committed to providing an inclusive and engaging work environment that generates long-term value for our employees and shareholders. We strive to provide a diverse and safe workplace that fosters the health, wellness, and development of our employees while upholding our corporate responsibility as a public company for the benefit of our shareholders and the communities we serve. We believe in taking an active role in bettering our communities through community service and outreach. 

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