At Spirit, we are committed to providing an inclusive and engaging work environment that generates long-term value for all of our stakeholders. We believe in taking an active role in bettering our communities through community service and outreach. We strive to provide a diverse and safe workplace that fosters the health, wellness, and development of our employees while upholding our corporate responsibility as a public company for the benefit of our shareholders and the communities we serve.

Over $200,000 donated across various organizations

Bettering our communities through community service and outreach.

Community Outreach

Spirit is committed to being a good corporate citizen by supporting charitable organizations and by encouraging our employees to personally participate in volunteer activities. Although encouraged, employee participation is completely voluntary. To that end, we created a committee dedicated in part to planning and organizing civic involvement for our employees with non-profit organizations and corporate donations called the Spirit One Committee. 

Since its inception, the Spirit One Committee has organized donations and volunteer hours at several nonprofit organizations including United Way, Genesis Women's Shelter, The Family Place, The Arts Community Alliance, Bryan's House and Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, among others. 

Employee Gift Matching Program

Spirit is also committed to supporting and encouraging its employees' contributions to charitable organizations outside of company organized service projects. To assist our employees with charitable giving and augment the impact of their charitable dollars, Spirit has instituted an Employee Gift Matching Program. Under the Employee Gift Matching Program, Spirit will match, up to a certain dollar amount per employee, charitable contributions made by our employees to eligible organizations. 

In 2021, Spirit donated over $200,000 through corporate donations and employee gift matching.

2021 Donations

Human Capital Management

At Spirit, we are "All One Team" - our growth and success depend on teamwork and the individual contribution of each and every person we employ. We are committed to attracting the best and brightest talent in the industry and retaining them through a culture of collaboration and mutual respect. To that end, we strive to ensure the well-being and development of our talented team, and we do so by the following:

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Spirit is committed to awarding our employees compensation and benefits that are in line with those of our peers and competitors, including the following: Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance; Flexible Spending Accounts (Health & Dependent); Life and AD&D  Insurance; Maternity & Paternity Leave; Military Leave; Short and Long-Term Disability; 401(k) and Roth Savings Plans; Employee Assistance Program; Employee Discount Program; and Bereavement Leave.

Mental and Physical Well-Being, Workplace Culture and Social Engagement

At Spirit, our growth and success depend on teamwork and the individual contributions of each and every person we employ. As a result, the physical fitness, mental well-being and social connectedness of our employees is an important piece of our business and overall success. Spirit supports its employees’ health and wellness through the following:

  • Culture Survey administered by a third-party consulting firm
  • Spirit Walk/Run Club
  • Annual health and wellness challenge completed with a 5K walk/run event
  • Wellness screenings administered by a third-party health-services group at our headquarters
  • Weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables to our office café
  • Flexible work schedules to meet specific employee needs
  • Company-wide social events including an annual Super Bowl Luncheon, Crawfish Boil, 4th of July BBQ, Day of Giving, Employee & Family Appreciation Day, and Thanksgiving Luncheon, among other events

Employee and Tenant Appreciation

Recognition of our employees’ accomplishments and hard work is a key component of our talent engagement strategy. We actively promote recognition of our employees including presenting a “game ball” to one employee or group of employees at each monthly “Town Hall” meeting to recognize the efforts of work done on a particular project or transaction.   

Furthermore, appreciation of our tenants is a crucial piece of continually building our tenant relationships and advancing our overall business strategy. We show appreciation for our tenants by hosting a Partner Appreciation Event in Dallas, Texas. This event is meant not only to show appreciation for our tenants but also gives our employees a chance to meet some of our tenants in person to better foster those relationships.

A culture of collaboration and mutual respect

Development and Training

At Spirit, we know that the right team is essential to our continued success. We are committed to attracting the best and brightest talent in the industry and retaining them through a culture of collaboration and mutual respect. We will continue to maintain high standards of excellence and expect the best of ourselves and our colleagues as we work to achieve our shared goals. At Spirit, we strive to offer various resources and training to our employees to better position them for success, such as:

  • Executive, officer and director-level individual coaching
  • Leadership training administered by a third-party consulting firm
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Lunch and Learn presentations on various business and legal topics
  • Monthly Town Hall meetings with the entire company led by the CEO to discuss the current status and strategic objectives of the company
  • Direct interactions between the Board of Directors and employees at least annually
  • Mandatory Diversity and Inclusion and Information and Technology Security Training
  • Pryor Learning Membership (an external, award-winning business training platform) available for all employees

Human Rights

In line with Spirit’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Employee Handbook, Spirit is committed to protecting human rights. Spirit maintains an independent 24-hour hotline to enable anonymous reporting of any illegal or improper behavior or any ethical concerns. Reports regarding hotline activity are provided monthly to certain members of company management, the Board of Directors and internal auditors. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is tasked with reviewing and investigating further any matters that pertain to the integrity of management or adherence to the standards set forth in the Code of Ethics.

Child Labor and Forced Labor

Spirit is opposed to human trafficking and prohibits the use of child labor or forced labor in all its forms. Spirit is committed to compensating all of its employees at fair living wages.

Vendor Code of Conduct Policy

Due to the nature of our business as a triple-net REIT, our use of vendors is fairly limited. However, Spirit expects any vendor it utilizes to have the same commitment and adherence to ethical standards as Spirit does, including compliance with applicable laws related to human rights such as prohibiting child and forced labor, and human trafficking and implementing and maintaining health and safety policies and procedures of employees and workplace facilities.

Occupational Health and Safety

Spirit recognizes the importance of the health, safety and environmental well-being of our employees, and Spirit is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy work environment that includes access to clean sanitary facilities and drinking water for our employees, at all facilities. Consistent with Spirit’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Spirit encourages open discussion with our employees for their health, safety, and environmental concerns. To promote a safe and healthy work environment for employees, clients, and visitors, Spirit offers information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through staff meetings, bulletin board postings, memos, or other communications. Some of our best safety improvement ideas come from employees.  We maintain a tobacco and smoke-free workplace for the health of our employees and in order to maintain pleasant working conditions. In the past five years, we have only had one onsite employee injury.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering

Spirit prohibits corruption in all its forms, including bribery, kickbacks, and other improper payments. It is our policy to comply with all applicable laws and adhere to the highest level of ethical conduct. Spirit performs OFAC checks in connection with all new real estate transactions. We also work closely with our financial service providers to comply with all aspects of their Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policies and procedures.

An inclusive, diverse workforce that accepts, utilizes and values our employees

Diversity and Inclusion

Spirit’s high level of standards also depends on our ability to attract and retain a diverse and qualified workforce.

Spirit provides Equal Employment Opportunity to all individuals. All recruiting, hiring, job assignment, compensation, promotion, discipline, termination, benefits, training, and other employment-related decisions are made on a non-discriminatory basis. We maintain an inclusive, diverse workforce that effectively accepts, utilizes and values our employees. We foster an environment where employees can contribute ideas, seek challenges, assume leadership roles, and continue to focus on business objectives. We provide opportunities and training that allow our employees to achieve their full potential.

Spirit is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Women comprise of 52% of our workforce. Ethnic or racial minorities comprise of 26% of our workforce. In addition to gender and ethnicity,  experiences, ideas, and solutions to resolve problems are important aspects to our diverse culture. Our culture is one where employees understand, appreciate, and respect individual values.

Spirit provides a work environment free from discrimination and harassment. Spirit won’t tolerate harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, gender identity or gender expression, physical or mental disability, marital/family status, pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions, genetic information, military/veteran status, and/or any other factors prohibited by federal, state, and local legislation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

We formed the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (“DEI Council”) in 2020. The DEI Council is dedicated to:

  • Bringing meaningful change to the society we work in as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion matters
  • Bringing awareness and fostering an environment and culture that promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting Spirit’s leadership in developing strategies and best practices aimed at fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce through identifying opportunities to promote equity, social justice and inclusion

Political Activities and Contributions

As set forth in the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, the Company encourages its employees to participate in the political process as individuals on their own time. As a Company policy, corporate funds or assets may not be used to make a political contribution to any political party or candidate unless prior approval has been given by the General Counsel and as may be permitted by federal and state contributions and lobbying laws.